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About Us

Company Profile

Pragmatic Analysis is a management firm that provides innovative, evidenced-based solutions in strategic planning, change management, business development, public policy and regulatory affairs, performance management and political risks. We provide incisive, practical advice that clients act on.

Our primary mission is To Realise Visions by translating clients’ ideas and dreams into successful realities using our diverse skills and expertise to guarantee our clients the best results every time. Our high-performing team of qualified analysts, strategists and practitioners has extensive local, regional, and international experience in their respective areas of expertise. We also facilitate and build strategic relationships between business, government, not-for-profit and other clients, which allows them to optimise their current advantages and establish new synergies that lead to mutually beneficial goals.

We also work closely with overseas companies and investors to find local business and investment opportunities, to establish local contacts and to broker investment deals. We assist our overseas clients to navigate the local business landscape and the cultural nuances to achieve success.

Pragmatic Analysis

We use the latest tools and technologies to diagnose problems and conceptualise cutting-edge solutions to enhance clients’ operational efficiency and effectiveness. We build effective strategies and translate these to benefit clients vertically and laterally. Clients are thus able to maximise outcomes and expand their operational advantage to new areas.

Research is central to what we do. We employ a multidisciplinary approach and use appropriate and time-relevant methodologies to identify the opportunities and risks that face clients in their respective environments. We develop sound strategies, formulate forward-looking policies and implement projects and programmes that are tailored to meet clients’ needs.

Our clients are the nucleus of our operations at Pragmatic Analysis. We tailor our services to meet their immediate and changing needs. Service quality and client-satisfaction are paramount, and our team is well-positioned and accessible to help clients produce the best results, every time.


Our Vision is to be a guiding force in the creation and provision of innovative strategic management and public policy solutions to help organisations achieve optimal functioning and maximize their potential for success.


Our Mission is To Realise Visions by developing winning strategies to drive organisations to success, using our diverse skills and expertise to guarantee the best results every time.


We hold the highest values and are committed to a basic set of principles that guide the way we do business in all circumstances. We conduct ourselves so as to always give credence to these principles in substance and form:

  • Diligence, as we are conscientious and thorough in the recommendations and solutions that we offer in response to clients’ needs.
  • Diversity and Inclusion, which we promote in all aspects of our business; we are not just tolerant to difference, we value it.
  • Integrity guides our everyday operations, especially in the relationships we establish.
  • Respect for what we do and for the person informs the way we conduct business.

Corporate Responsibilty

Pragmatic Analysis is corporately responsible to its clients, employees and competitors to provide the best quality service with the requisite professionalism, integrity, and consistency. We also have a wider responsibility to society at large to maintain the highest standard of ethics and conduct in compliance with the law and international norms.

CEO Profile

jd_roberstonJD Robertson is CEO and Chief Strategist at Pragmatic Analysis. As leader of the Executive Team, JD has responsibility for the development and implementation of the company’s global strategies on business, policy and technical matters. She is an organisational development specialist with particular expertise in improving organisational performance through evidenced-based decision-making on critical success factors in priority areas.  She has her finger on the pulse with over fifteen (15) years experience in building and sustaining key strategic relationships with governments, businesses, international development partners and academic institutions.

Before founding Pragmatic Analysis in 2008, JD occupied a number of important and varied roles including Acting Director of Research and Media Monitoring in the Office of the Prime Minister (Ja.), Business Trainer (Surrey, UK) and Consultant Risk Analyst in strategic intelligence (London, UK). JD also has extensive experience in academia and has taught at a number of leading universities in the UK and Jamaica including Goldsmiths College, Royal Holloway (University of London), the London Metropolitan University, the School of Public Policy at the University College London (UCL) and the University of the West Indies, Mona.

JD and her team of strategic planning and change management specialists, research, policy and risk analysts, and performance management experts are focused on continuing Pragmatic Analysis’s innovation and leadership across the company’s core business areas to provide first-class services to clients in a goal-oriented environment. Described as focused, energetic, sincere and unwavering, JD has infused Pragmatic Analysis with her style of dynamic leadership and vision.

JD holds a PhD in Applied Policy from the University of Essex (UK), as well as an MSc in Government (with Public Policy and Development Management) and a BSc in Political Science and Psychology (with Management) (Hons.) from the University of the West Indies (Jamaica).  JD gives her time to a number of charitable endeavours and chairs the Technical Committee tasked with Developing a National Standard for Improving Public Behaviour in Jamaica (Bureau of Standards Jamaica). JD continues to make strides in her professional and personal development.