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Change Management

Change Management

At Pragmatic Analysis, we have developed a proven and stable framework for helping organisations manage change to improve performance and the quality of outcomes. We help businesses and projects identify under-performing areas/ departments/ divisions and work with them to develop and introduce a change plan to improve organisational/ project processes, systems, structure, roles and culture. Our approach to managing organisational change involves three (3) broad steps:

1. Preparing [the organisation] for change, which includes:

  • A proposal for change such as creating a clear vision for change
  • Conducting a comprehensive readiness assessment
  • Agreeing on the way forward i.e. strategy for change –  identifying in-house team to lead and communicate the change process

2. Managing [organisational] change by:

  • Thoroughly planning for change, as noted in a formal change plan
  • Implementing the change management plan via projects and initiatives
  • Empowering action via promoting regular, constructive feedback on the change process and recognising/ rewarding progress

3. Anchoring and sustaining change by:

  • Anchoring change efforts through tangible, repeatable short-term wins regularly communicated to employees/ stakeholders
  • Fostering and promoting a culture of persistence and determination and on which to anchor success
  • Reinforcing the importance of successful change and entrenching this into the culture of the organisation.

We work in dynamic and adynamic environments and look forward to helping your organisation or project to manage change smoothly and successfully. To support the change process, we also offer training in a variety of areas including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Knowledge Management
  • Team-Building and Development

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