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Performance Management

Performance Management

Our role at Pragmatic Analysis involves assisting organisations and projects develop the requisite management tools to communicate the on-going process of defining performance standards, clarifying job responsibilities, measuring employee performance, documenting and discussing performance, and reporting. We highlight employee [skill] development as critical to improved job performance and so promote a management style that fosters teamwork and provides regular feedback.  Our services include:

1. Developing and Implementing Performance Management Plans:

  • Establish employee performance standards, develop performance measurements and evaluate job performance
  • Developing a communication plan for giving regular and constructive feedback to the employee
  • Reviewing the usefulness of performance standards and measurements in keeping with best practices

2. Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Systems (MES):

  • Identify Key Performance Areas (KPAs) and Key Performance Objectives (KPOs) in relation to organisational or project goals
  • Develop measures for results including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in tandem with the SMART criteria
  • Collect, analyse, report on data and evaluate and report on outcome

3. Achieving results:

  • Improved individual and team productivity
  • Improved communication between managers and employees
  • Improved alignment of resources to achieve organisational goals

At Pragmatic Analysis, we recognise and promote performance management as an essential tool for high performing organisations that leads to better decision-making and increased employee productivity. Please contact us today to set up a meeting – email us