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Research Capabilities

Research Capabilities

Research is the backbone of what we do at Pragmatic Analysis; our approach is multidisciplinary and solutions-driven. We conduct advanced, customised research to meet the needs of each client in the promotion of solutions-driven, evidence-based decision-making. Our research debunk myths and challenge fundamental assumptions about organisational behaviour, strategy and change. We have been instrumental in steering organisations (business, government and non-government) along the right path to success. Hence, every decision we make and every strategy we present to our clients is evidenced-based and sound.

Research protects organisations from making decisions on incorrect information, so-called ‘gut feeling’ or the wrong premise. Our research team has over 25 years combined professional experience in designing and managing field and non-field research projects for a wide variety of industries. Our research speacialists and analysts have top-of-the-line experience in implementing advanced, time-relevant quantitative and qualitative research, using the latest methodological tools and technologies. We provide empirical evidence that give clients the best basis on which to make decisions and improve the quality of outcomes regarding their strategic direction, day-to-day operations, organisational effectiveness and the various risks that they face in an ever changing world. Through astute analysis of the data gathered from our research, we help organisations develop:

1. Clear and measureable targets and provide practical indicators for future decisions and action

2. A deeper understanding of their business environment to position their business to optimise industry and non-industry gain.

3. Develop the appropriate responses to various risks

Our research capabilities at Pragmatic Analysis are wide and varied. We collect and assess vital information about clients’ realities by conducting:

  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Desk Research
  • Gap Analysis for Decision-Making
  • Case Studies

We report findings with practical recommendations in a clear, concise way that help our clients make prudent decisions about resources, operations and leadership. So, if you would like to know why your workers are unmotivated, why your customer base has shrunk or simply what is the current state of affairs in your industry, please contact us today to set up a meeting – email us at