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The continuous development of the human asset of a business is vital to its success and growth. It is therefore essential for your organisation to develop and sustain a learning culture by expanding the capacity of its workforce that will allow it to continuously transform and remain competitive. Pragmatic Analysis promotes training as a planned and organised process, which improves a person’s ability to perform a particular function to achieve a desired goal.

Training is essential for building organisational capacity for improved performance and functioning in core areas.  It increases employees’ competence to carry out core tasks by helping them attain a required level of knowledge, skill and the requisite attitude, addressing noted weaknesses and enhancing their knowledge base for future roles (via transfer or promotion). Pragmatic Analysis has a cadre of specialist trainers and facilitators that provide first-class training and professional development in a number of areas, namely:

    1. Strategic Planning
    2. Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning
    3. Team Building for Success
    4. Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
    5. Policy Design, Implementation and Analysis
    6. Change Management
    7. Research Design and Implementation
    8. Writing Business Plans

If you think that your employees would benefit from a refresher course in strategic planning, a practical team-building workshop or require up-to-date knowledge in a priority area like knowledge management and organisational learning, please contact us today to set up a meeting – email us at